When the sun went down

Photographing and admiring the city of New Orleans during the night (as important as during the day), I found inspiration on street corners, lamp posts and jazz clubs. 

Above: Street sign posts were tiled onto the walls before they were stuck into the ground and put on metal. 

Above: Taking a walk along the Mississippi river the first night I arrived. These street lamps took me away.

Above: I stumbled into one European Jazz bar on Bourbon Street and found a four member band jamming. This wall was littered with relics and antiques from all over the world.

Above: I saw this and instantly thought of the movie Moulin Rouge. I half expected Ewan McGregor’s character to appear on top singing, “My gift is my song … And this one’s for you!”


13 thoughts on “When the sun went down

  1. Your words and photos paint the picture of this town so vividly. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you on your journey there.


  2. hey sweets. just wanted to let you know that i’m reading along and so very impressed. …also! thanks so much for linkin’ me up. i’ve done the same.

    safe travels brother.
    lill’ mo’


  3. I want to go to New Orleans so bad! I’m glad you enjoyed it. 🙂 LOVED the talky today with Ross, it is just fantastic, you’re always my fav talky guest.



  4. Ryan-

    My journey is going good, but getting harder. I’ve lost 56 lbs since starting on January 2nd, and I’m starting to have to push myself harder to work out. I feel lucky that I have a good mindset and know that I’ve come too far to turn back, some people can’t see that.



  5. Hi Ryan…
    Helllllllllo Bloooooog Budddddddy…
    What a wonderful journal… I have been to N.O. 3 times but it has been years… And with your words you have made it like I was just there yesterday…My friends and I would walk the streets off of Bourbon Street too… I loved the trolly cars and the way the driver would sing out the streets… and the way the moss would hang from the trees…
    I have never been to Kansas…knew a guy from Salina once…he had all his teeth…lol
    Not all us midwesteners are like that …I have all my teeth and I hate Wal-mart…lol
    I can’t wait to read more from your journeys…


  6. Ryan, Having never been to New Orleans (or anywhere in the South), reading your words I could definitely feel a sense of place. The visuals, the encounters with people (especially the cab driver) and the extrasensory hum of life’s pace. Thanks for the journey. Keep it up!


  7. Ryan: Thanks for the report on your trip and your impressions!

    Did the experience make you want to go back for southern decadence? Huz and I have never been, but hear that it’s a total blast!


  8. Ryan,
    Much better! I was unexpectantly dissapointed with your earlier blog about the Red States, and America in general. But your take on New Orleans was without judgement and I must say spot on. I am from the Mississippi Gulf coast and New Orleans is like my back yard in a sense. It is a city full of History and diversity, a melting pot if you will. Im glad you enjoyed your visit and the people you met. I love New Orleans!
    If I could say a couple of things about Katrina it would be that Mississippi Gulf coast was completely devastated by this hurricane, the people here are fighting the same battles that the people of New Orleans are in the quest to get their lives back. I only wish the media and had not forgot about us. It is sad that the people here and the daily struggles we face are not reported on. When you read or hear the word “katrina” the next word is always New Orleans. So I ask anyone reading this to please remember to think of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The suffering is still going on here as well as New Orleans.
    Ryan, nice job on capturing the spirit of New Orleans in your writing. I enjoyed the post on it.


  9. Ryan, just saw the ‘garage video blog’ at Ross’, so good. Helping a someone move is a true friend.
    You will have to come up with a name for your
    blog travel followers. I enjoy your travels and the descriptions of your journey’s. thanks for sharing.

    PS Please let Ross know there is a glitch with his blog. I have to lurk because I can not comment for the life of me. I have been trying for months. I have registered but can not comment.


  10. Have read, with pleasure, every entry on your blog and come back daily looking for more. You are a gifted writer Ryan- any chance of a book in your future? You create amazing visuals with your words. Thanks!


  11. sorry to repost but I had the wrong e-mail address entered

    Have read, with pleasure, every entry on your blog and come back daily looking for more. You are a gifted writer Ryan- any chance of a book in your future? You create amazing visuals with your words. Thanks!


  12. Ryan, thanks for taking me to places I have never been…..yet! My husband is on dialysis so travel is difficult. One day we will see all of these things thanks to transplantation when “the call” comes. I look forward to coming in and going on your trips with you.
    Ally, thanks for the reminder about the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The media has let us all but forget about it and I am guilty even though I hate to admit it.


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