A local dip

Some say visiting local destinations are just as important as visiting foreign countries, even if it means just going around the corner and experiencing something new.

A market in Chinatown, a Jamaican restaurant, a French movie theater: the idea of taking a mental trip from reality without having to pack a bag or board a plane. And with gas prices these days…

Phillipe The Original: Home of the First French Dipped Sandwich is one local destination that takes me some place else as soon as I enter the front doors.

My family has frequented this Los Angeles landmark for generations. My grandmother loved it, my mom still enjoys it, and now I carry the legacy. Since I was a young boy, I’ve come to enjoy the tasty sandwiches and simplicity of menu time and time again. 

With just a few selections of sandwiches and salads, the menu keeps selections simple and the no nonsense, cafeteria style waitresses help guide you through the somewhat daunting task of ordering food. Once you get through the crowds (and find a seat!), the food will speak for itself. No pomp and circumstance; just simple good eats.

For me, I love how the hot and spicy mustard burns the hair inside my nostrils, and when the soggy, soaked bread breaks and falls to my plate after every bite, I look forward to using my fork to pick up the left overs. Even the saw dust on the floor, which causes you to shuffle your steps, gives this place a special ambiance that can’t be replaced.

These are things I forget about until I step inside the restaurant. And then when I sit down in the wooden booths, and begin to enjoy my meal, a flood gate of memories open and I’m taken away to someplace else.


10 thoughts on “A local dip

  1. Now I am completely jonesing a dip sandwich with a side of macaroni (?) salad. Basic but fulfilling on a variety of levels.


  2. That sandwich bun in the last picture looks ALMOST as delicious and delectable as the buns of our studly host and storyteller extrodinare; RYAN!

    Keep on truckin, baby boy.


  3. I’m thinkin’ moon really likes Ryan’s ass….too much, maybe?

    The dip sandwich makes me hungry way too early. The best foods usually are found in this kind of place.


  4. Thank you Ryan for a trip back in time. I am seventy and no longer live in Southern California, but I too was taken as a child to Phillipe’s for those delicious french dip sandwiches. Your vivid description made me feel like I was there again making little circles in the sawdust with my shoe while I waited for my parents to order. I must remember to make this a for-sure spot to visit next time out to So.Cal.


  5. Hey Ry. 🙂 Brings back memories from my Freshman year in college when you and I went there and talked about how much our lives had changed. That day is priceless to me. We really need to do that again. Love you.


  6. I think I’ve seen this resto, downtown LA near Chinatown!? I’ve never been, I will add on my list of places to eat when I’m not in the mood for Kung Pao!


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