East Meets West

The Brandenburg Gate survived the massive destruction of World War II and was one of the few structures standing in the Pariser Platz ruins in 1945. It stood between the West of the World and East Berlin, and represented the line between communism and the free world. Today it remains, in all its glory, as a symbol of life and death to all those who have ever stood before it.



11 thoughts on “East Meets West

  1. that is a beautiful picture.

    Did you take it? (i’m going to have to assume that’s a yes… hence it being your blog…)

    when did you go there?

    I am currently living in france, and have yet to make it over to germany! isn’t that crazy? this picture makes me want to save my euros for a trip…

    would you recommend it?


  2. Andrea, the Redhead:

    Yes I took the picture. It was last night in Berlin and I took I walk by myself to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city one last time.

    I visited Berlin in the summer of 2007, and I plan on going back. The city is wonderful; the people are welcoming. Get yourself there as soon as possible! You will love.


  3. thanks ryan…

    hmm. you’re right. so many places to visit here… i need to get my ducks in a row to do it (so to speak… )

    any plans on coming back to europe?

    any place in europe you think is a MUST visit? (this will go on the list, of course, i appreciate your opinion)


  4. I studied in Athens, Greece for a semester while in college; that city has my heart as one of my favorites. As well as the entire country of Italy — the big three especially: Rome, Venice, and Florence.


  5. ok. it’s noted.

    all i can do now is hope to land a job that actually pays on time. once that happens i’ll head out to the Mediterranean countries…

    i interviewed last week for a job… so here’s hoping!

    i can’t wait to hear about more of your travels…

    hmm. you know what is missing from this list of places you’ve visited? france. as a whole. wtf mate?

    it’s 1:35am, must get to bed. nice “commenting” to you! thanks for the referrals!


  6. Suz — I recently bought a new digital camera which I LOVE and highly recommend. It’s the Canon Elph Power Shot SD870.

    I love the Canon line of cameras because you get the most bang for your buck.

    I wish I had a wide lens attachment for that photo because the gate goes on and on and on.


  7. The Power Shots are very nice! I’m thinking of replacing my old Canon (It’s three years old). LOL!! Canon cameras are great!


  8. Wow. I know that being with people on adventures like this is fun but there is so much to be said about standing alone with your own thoughts and opinions in front of something like this. The meaning and feelings surge through that private place in your soul. Beautiful picture Ryan!!


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