Where in the world is this? (Round 3)

Click HERE to find out where this photo was taken

(Photo Credit: “The Written Road” blogger Susan)

The WWII Bunker on the other side of the beach.

If you have a photo you’d like to enter for the next round of “Where in the world is this?” please click HERE for more information on how to contact Ryan.


13 thoughts on “Where in the world is this? (Round 3)

  1. Thanks, Sybill! I’m glad you enjoy it! Please feel free to step up and take your guess.

    If you have a picture, too, send it in!


  2. Scotland or California<<I know but for some reason I am picturing California cause it looks like it is just away from all the hussle and the bussle of city life.


  3. oh my i’m on the right track. but i must be on the wrong coast. i’m thinking the obvious choice, the english coast is too rocky to be the pic. i’m thinking the building does have a danish quality to it as i recall from my trip there in ’99.


  4. I am guessing again..possibly Ireland-Northern Iralend..I have seen a picture of this place before and I know its in a culture that ends in ‘land’ I think 🙂 lol I think this place has also been in some movies such as possibly the movie P.S I Love You…but I could be wrong. 🙂


  5. Gary,
    You are right on the mark. The photo was taken along Skagerrak Sea near Lokken, Denmark. The beach also has World War II bunkers. I thought it was pretty cool! I have a photo of it maybe Ryan could post it.

    Hey, Ryan if I send you the photo would it be possible for you to post it?



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