Social Expression

This photo was taken in Berlin in an alleyway that led to a bar. The tattered brick wall and the graffiti caught my eye. Relics of World War II and its destruction pop up everywhere you go; combine that with the city’s fervor for creating art and you get expressions like this every where you turn.

Does it speak to you? IF so, what does it say?


9 thoughts on “Social Expression

  1. It leaves me with the same feeling as the last scene in “The Blair Witch Project” did…..kinda creeped out and at the same time I can’t look away.


  2. Ryan: Yes it does, and quite powerfully, too. It IMMEDIATELY reminded me of Oppenheimer’s famous misquotation from the Sanskrit Song of the World:

    and now I have become death, the destroyer of worlds.

    Yes, I know, Oppenheimer’s reaction was to an atomic bomb detonation, not something associated with Germany. Still, when you think of all the suffering and dying of the German people under Hitler’s dictatorship, all the firestorms and bombings and deaths of military personnel, and then add to that all the death Hitler caused in other countries, I think Oppenheimer’s words describe Hitler’s place in German history quite accurately. That wall painting, set against the backdrop of a war-damaged building, really captures the essence of Hitler’s Germany to me.


  3. I think its saying “Look at Me” It kind of gives me the sense that I should not look away. I think its still standing cause it wants to remember those that are now gone..I feel that those who stood or stand before this will always remember that day of WWII…I like it..Very motivative for some reason


  4. Craig – There are posters around Los Angeles (and I’m sure elsewhere) with Barack Obama on them. Red, white and blue and on the bottom it reads “Hope.”

    For some reason, the man in this photo resembles, to me, that Barack Obama poster, too. Not sure if we’re on the same page, but if so, I understand why.


  5. It makes me feel lonely and desolate. There is a sense of loss and a feeling of strange things lurking in the shadows.Although I know Berlin has rebuilt itself and tried to turn its back on the past, the ghosts and shadows still linger in these forgotten corners. (I believe,having not been there but I will be there next month!)


  6. Ruthi – The feeling of BOTH loss and hope lurk in the shadows in Berlin. A loss of everything and a hope for anything.

    The atmosphere in the city is unlike anywhere. When you visit, I know you’ll fall in love with the city and its people.

    Ps: Make sure to take pictures and share with us!


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