Where in the world is this? (Round 4)

(Photo Credit: “The Written Road” blogger Alesha)

If you have a photo you’d like to enter for the next round of “Where in the world is this?” please click HERE for more information on how to contact Ryan.



12 thoughts on “Where in the world is this? (Round 4)

  1. hold on now. i must insist that annie be disqualified. the lighthouse is the tybee lighthouse, not typee. so as i see it i again am the winner. please send prize asap. 😉


  2. Gary, I guess that was a Typoo when I wrote Typee for Tybee…. Rats! Okay when my prize arrives I will forward it on to you. Congratulations Gary.

    Alesha, not from GA just have visited there. Love all that area so pretty.


  3. I live in Savannah…this is the North End of Tybee Island and in fact if you look closely at the bottom you’ll see a concrete structure…that is old Fort Screven used in the Civil War. Most of the Fort is not gone but there are still remnants around the light house. They have draped a HUGE American Flag over the railing for Memorial Day..it really is beautiful.


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