Do you work here? (Round 2)

The Top

From the Top

(Photo Credit: “The Written Road” blogger Lauren)

If you have a photo you’d like to submit for “Do you work here?” please click HERE for more information on how to contact Ryan.


10 thoughts on “Do you work here? (Round 2)

  1. Is it the Trump Building over looking Central Park


    Is it Ross’s new building over looking his own park

    Or its some where in Washington..

    Hey I am trying Lol 🙂


  2. Hey it was a good guess 🙂

    Congrats Lucy 🙂 22 floors..hopefully there are some elevators and hopefully you are not scared of heights..Yikes 🙂


  3. Thank you, all. The Louisiana State Capitol is a beautiful building I worked there when I was 21 and at that age was excited every day zooming up to my floor. I’m sure the elevator would seem slow by comparison now. (smile)


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