Road Trips

Long before the price of gasoline went through the roof, I loved to pack up my car and take off to the highways for a destination unknown. There’s just something special about having the open road before you and nothing to worry about but the music on your radio.

Taking pictures of the sunsets, horizons, the other cars on the road or the passengers in your car, it’s important to document the places you’ve traveled … even if you didn’t leave the state.Β 



Do you road trip? Going anywhere this summer? Let us know and SEND in a picture.


15 thoughts on “Road Trips

  1. i am a road trip junkie. i have been everywhere. it seems i have run out of places to visit. my longest trip was 7400 miles and 19days. now that was maybe 10 years ago when gas was cheep. i still go though. usually with a friend or two to share the cost. will be going to san diego via amboy/29palms/ palm springs in sept and then oct planning on going to tuscon east to roswell and carlsbad. then back thru albuquerque and santa fe.


  2. Last big trip that I took was to Savannah, Ga for 8 Days Curtesy of a Radio Contest & Delta Airlines & Coke Rewards in 2007 of September..than I also through that Contest sent my mom to Vegas..I was suppose to go but I had work training & could not leave 😦 last time I was in Vegas I was 5 LOL

    Before Savannah, Ga. In 2005 I went to Minneapolis, MN & Duluth, Mn for 3 days went & saw a BSB concert..Hey I am fan πŸ™‚

    I try to go to the lake every year in Yankton SD on my uncles boat and camp out on the Sand which is small little beach area where they park the boat at.

    This year though my mom and I along with some other family members plan on going to see the Buffalo run in Rapid City, SD (Mount Rushmore) Living in SD for 18 years never once seen Mount Rushmore..I think I have been to California more than I can count to see the Hollywood sign. I think its time to go…I pray that gas prices go down fast… πŸ™‚ but that is just a dream right now. LOL

    Anywhooooo…. πŸ™‚


  3. I love going on road trips. The best experience I have is when I was 18 and I drove down to LA with two of my high school friends. We drove all down the 1 and went by so many magical places.

    I wanted to go on a road trip this summer but with the price of gas, it would be too expensive.


  4. I love going on road trips, prefer them to flying actually. My sister and I have driven to Vegas a few times from Vancouver, BC. We also have driven to Winnipeg and every summer we drive to Saskatchewan to visit our 92 year old Grandad. Love them and it’s a great way to see our country. The next thing I want to do is rent an RV and see the entire country.


  5. The last real road trip I took was in 2004 in my then new VW Bug Convertible. We took Route 66 from St. Louis out to Los Angeles. Before we left we bought road maps that showed the original Route 66 route and took the original road as much as we could. It was so much fun going through all those neat little towns. It soon became a quest for the perfect hamburger. You can’t beat those burgers that come off the grill in a little hole in the wall diner. Still have to do the St. Louis to Chicago leg so we can say we did the whole thing. I sure wish I had done this back in the days when Route 66 was totally intact. Now I am trying to locate some photos from that trip. When I do I will send them in. And yes, “I got my kicks on Route 66″….


  6. One of my all time favorite road trips was with Ross, the summer before our Senior year of college.

    We drove from his hometown in Washington to La Verne, CA. It took us about 3 days but we had the time of our life! We even filmed the entire trip and have since watched the footage for old times sake.

    I love road trips!


  7. Awesome photos.

    As fate would have it, I read your post the day after I had to tell a friend I couldn’t join him on a road trip from Perth (my home town) to Melbourne. Funny how these things happen.


  8. Anyone happen to see Ross’s little Burbank road trip today? He had a great shot of the Hollywood sign in his rear view mirror….check it out.


  9. I roadtrip from Texas to Santa Fe twice a year (a 12-hr venture) to stay at Ten Thousand Waves, a Japanese-inspired health spa.

    In a few months I’ll load up the X3 and road trip down the plantation road to New Orleans for Labor Day. Can’t wait.


  10. Beemerboy: Make sure to take some pictures and send them to us! We’d love to come along on your road trip!



  11. Hi there,

    I’m new to this site and so far loving it. I love getting away, local or international.

    My last road trip was with the boyf. He purachsed a car in TX, flew in Dallas and drove the car back to Los Angeles. It was a long, fun, exhausting road trip as we were in a time constraint to get back to LA. I love taking photos of roads, hills, signs, even nothingness =). Will try and email some pics.

    Thanks for sharing!


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