Chase Vehicles

During the Spring of 2006, I traveled on the road chasing tornados for a show on the Discovery Channel called “Storm Chasers.” Click HERE for my series of entries from the road.

The chasers travel in a caravan of vehicles, and one of those vehicles, TIV (Tornado Intercept Vehicle), is built to outlast all types of severe weather. They can even drive it into the eye of the storm.

Below are some photographs of these chase vehicles, including TIV and DOW3, the main weather mobile that processes weather data, taken while we were docked in Denver, CO waiting for the weather to change patterns and form storms.

Above: The vehicles get worked on in the hangar, including TIV

Above: The front grill of TIV with an outline of a tornado for inspiration

Above: One of the weather instruments on the back of DOW.

Have you ever chased a tornado? Have these vehicles ever rolled into your town? Share your story with us!


6 thoughts on “Chase Vehicles

  1. I actually see this episode on Discovery All the Time. πŸ™‚ I think one point you were taping them while they were intercepting I think I could hear you or someone…the tornado decided to shift and one of the guys yell, “Get back in the car.” or something like that and than I think I hear like an “..oh…sh*t” part not sure if that was you..but I do tend to watch Storm Chasers a lot…One time they were down by my street watching the tornado go through while I was driving home. The Tornado though did not hit the small town I lived in but basically just stayed out in the country.

    There was one year though can not remember though. But in like 1-2 days or in 1 week can not remember that either (LOL) but it was the worse cause basically all of South Dakota was covered with Storms, from just hail and high winds to Tornados, to flash floods. The News people said that at least 12-18 Tornados touched down. And just a couple weeks ago 5 Tornados touched down just about 5-10 miles from my work…but each time it could come near my work place the Tornado would go back up. It surrounded one very small where only about 200-250 people live..the Tornado basically surrounded the town, and did not touch the was crazy.. but fun

    Anyway…I like Tornado’s or basically love…I will always remember watching the sky with my Grandpa when I was really young…than when I got older and he passed I would take my camera & snapp away at the clouds…there is one picture I have that I have find but its a hand in the cloud as if its reaching out to help you. its pretty cool looking πŸ™‚

    Anyway this is getting long enough huh LOL πŸ™‚


  2. Ryan those vehicles look like something that should be roving on the surface of Mars.

    Nice story Alesha, I too like to look at clouds. I have lived in St. Louis almost twenty years and have not seen a tornado yet. When the sirens go off instead of running to the basement I run to the window to see if I can see anything. Dumb I know, but I am too curious and being in the basement and not knowing what is going on would drive me crazy.

    So glad Ryan has provided us the written road to travel down, it’s pure pleasure to come here… well except for that guy gary….. lol.


  3. annie annie annie, dont make me come to st louis and hunt you down. ya know my bite is worse than my bark. actually i have a funny story bout going up the arch. a friend and i were in line going through security and the guy in front of us beeped. came back emptied pockets went thru and beeeeeeep. came back took off something went thru and beeeeeep. came back and then my friend who doesnt have the patience for this said “for god sake man, take the uzi out of your pants” welll weelllll wellll who do you think we had to share the pod to the top of the arch with. you got it cher, madona and mister rogers. hahaha not really,we were squeezed in the pod with that guy and he was not amused, if looks could kill my friend would be dead and i just paralyzed from the kneck down.


  4. OMG that is such a funny story. I will be careful VERY careful to look out for you two next time I fly out of Lambert Airport.

    I knew there was a good reason why I never wanted to go up in the arch….


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