Where in the world is this? (Round 10)


(Photo Credit: “The Written Road” blogger Chriann)

Click HERE to take a guess.

If you have a photo you’d like to enter for the next round of “Where in the world is this?” please click HERE for more information on how to contact Ryan.

Remember: The first blogger to reach 5 correct guesses wins a prize!


32 thoughts on “Where in the world is this? (Round 10)

  1. YES!! Gary! It is on planet earth! 🙂

    That would be a no to Washington, Oregon, Texas, Colorado, Tennessee (Including Rock City), & Louisville.

    It is in the United States though 🙂


  2. We have a winner!!!

    Annie … It IS Bardstown KY!!

    It is outside of St Joseph Cathedral

    Known as “St Joe Prep Eagle”

    I came across it during the “via colori” festival. It’s actually much more impressive close-up where you can see the tool markings and such.


  3. Good one chriann! I will have to stop by and see it next time I am in that part of KY.

    You will never know HOW MANY photos of eagles that I looked through… finally found one on flickr taken at the 2007 Bourbon Festival that sure as heck looked like that St Joe Prep Eagle.

    It was a fun search but I felt the pressure of gary the whole time….someone lock him in his room and take his computer away.

    Thanks chriann for the entertaining trek down the internet highway.


  4. Annie – It’s the same Eagle as the one in the bourbon festival pic. The building that you see in the background of the bourbon fest pic is St Joseph’s (not the city hall – which is located in the middle of town and surrounded by a traffic circle I think).

    The reason it was so hard to find is that the carving is only a year old.

    The plaque on the stump reads:
    “St Joe Prep Eagle”
    by Daniel Mayer
    Commissioned by
    Rhodie Wheeler ’55 & George Ballard ’66
    July 2007
    St Joseph’s Preparatory School 1911- 1968


  5. holy shit!! i didnt realize we could search for the pic on the net. here i am flying all over the country, renting cars, driving nonstop all over god knows where, getting lost and refusing to ask for directions not to mention the thousands of dollars i have spent on just gas alone. well this changes everything. although i really dont know how much time i will be able to spend searching since i had to take on a second and third job to help pay for the previous searches.


  6. I’m SOOOOO excited for your blog! I’m just going back watching Ross’s archive trying to catch up and came across your blog. I LOVE STORM CHASERS! I tried to watch when I could but for some reason my TIVO never recorded it properly. I was excited because Twister was on today. Anyway, is this Australia?


  7. I would know this picture any where, Glacier Park, Montana! I used to live about 30 minutes from there. I miss it so much. Breath taking!


  8. Definitely NOT the USA west coast. Can’t pinpoint, but I did narrow it down, yes? HA.

    Anyways…. I bookmarked your w.site after LOVIN’ U on the Ross Blog 4 so long… and I’m glad U are back posting again. U have a great writing style that I’ve enjoyed, missed & hope you have time to post again soon! Also, I hope to c more of u on another RossBlog soon – with Pink Berry treats (& a movie review maybe?) – I’d love 2 know what they taste like – Oregonian’s need to petition for a store or 3 in our state. Who doesn’t love frozen yogurt treats goodness sake!



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