Where in the world is this? (Round 11)


(Photo Credit: “The Written Road” blogger Ruth)

Click HERE to take a guess.

If you have a photo you’d like to enter for the next round of “Where in the world is this?” please click HERE for more information on how to contact Ryan.

Remember: The first blogger to reach 5 correct guesses wins a prize!


7 thoughts on “Where in the world is this? (Round 11)

  1. Hello Written Roadies!

    Below is the running tally for our world famous blogging game “Where in the world is this?”

    1 point – Andrea: Round 1
    1 point – Susan: Round 9
    3 points – Gary: Rounds 3, 7, 8
    4 points – Annie: Rounds 4, 5, 6, 10

    The first blogger to reach 5 correct guesses will be winning a prize from me. So…. if anyone can stop the Annie Express, you’d better hurry up and step up and give it a try!

    Guess as many times as you like! There are no rules, so guess away!

    Have fun! Safe travels. Happy guessing!


  2. i’m sorry but this one was easy. duden waterfall – antalya, turkey. thank god cause im off to the 7-11 for my nite job. free slurpies for everyone.


  3. Congratulations gary… you must have had your photo album opened to the right page.

    off you go to work then, we will all be by later for the free slurpies.

    watch your back kid.


  4. Free Slurpies..I am there…I wish my City still had a 7-11 I really love the raseberry flavored 🙂 I was also talking about this Water Fall the other day with a friend, we were talking on where we wanted to travel…

    Great job Gary..

    Gary and Annie are now in the Lead 🙂 who is going to win a prize Hmmmmmm let the Games begin

    Wait they already begun…such a monday..will somone please tell me when when its Friday I am working every day this week..I am also working July 4th which is double time and a half Sunday – Saturday…who works every day..and dog sits..Yikes okay going now to search for more pictures to possibly stump someone 🙂


  5. Is there a prize for the fastest? LOL I hadn’t even seen the post yet and he already had it answered.

    I’ll have to dig in my photo collection an see if I can find a tricky one


  6. I know chriann…. I had just settled in to do some serious searching when POW that GARY raised his ugly internet finger and submitted his answer. If he keeps this up I will have to get a job just to fill my open hours in the day.

    I think maybe he should submit a photo of the soles of his shoes and we can all guess where they have been.


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