Postcards from the edge

In an effort to include more of your photos into “The Written Road” community, I created a new series titled “Postcards from the edge” which will feature snapshots taken by you from somewhere far around the world.

No guessing game here … just great photographs taken by some of our regular bloggers!

Let’s see how far and wide our postcards can go! Can we reach all 7 continents! How many countries can we visit? Hurry up, let’s go, and I’ll keep tally!

Did you take the picture? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Susan

Photo Credit: “Susabelle23”

Photo Credit: Ruth

If you have a photo you’d like to submit for “Postcards from the edge” click HERE


5 thoughts on “Postcards from the edge

  1. Wow, Ryan – that was quick! This was my first time posting here – I’ve been a Rossblog fan since the beginning and looked up your blog the first day you started it! My name is actually Susan, too, like another blogger here, so I decided to go with Susabelle. Thanks for putting up my picture and thanks for your wonderful blog! It’s fun to travel around with you (and the other bloggers of course) via your words and your pictures.


  2. My photo was taken in the courtyard of the Louvre on September 10, 2007. I was on a trip to London and decided to take a daytrip to Paris. I needed another two or three days in Paris because I wasn’t able to cover everything.


  3. My photo was taken June 15, 2008 at Red Rock Canyon National Park (which is about 30 miles outside of Las Vegas, Nevada) at the Red Rock Horse and Burro Herd Management Area. My first trip to Vegas and I got to see wild burros! We also visited the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam, which were amazing to finally see in person.


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