Road Trip: Dallas to LA

Below is a series from Roadie Lea77 who recently road tripped from Dallas, TX to Los Angeles, CA. Enjoy the journey!

If you’ve taken a road trip and would like to share your photographs, click HERE to contact Ryan.


6 thoughts on “Road Trip: Dallas to LA

  1. Thanks for sharing the road with us Lea, nice photos. You can imagine my surprise when I saw that gary was driving that truck behind you, guess that explains his absence.


  2. Hi there! How exciting to see my photos on your site (considering I’m a new reader). Thanks so much Ryan!

    I love to takes photos (loads) while on travel—to capture the moment, an expression of art, or just to kill time.

    Pic #1 – Saw loads of trucks on the road during our road trip while in Dallas. Shot at an angle for additional “dramatic effect” 😉
    Pic #2 – I believe this was crossing New Mexico. Counted as an “interesting sight” after miles and miles of nothingness.
    Pic # 3 – I think it was some sort of a gyser. The shot wasn’t crisp as we were probably going 110mph.
    pic# 4 – We reached Arizona. I love how the sun adjusts the colors of the rocks every minute.



  3. Great pics Lea77!
    That reminds me. I forgot to finish sending my pics of my trip to Georgia from Kentucky. Anyone ever been to Rock City? I stopped there along the way just to get out of the car and OH MY GOSH it was amazing.


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