Where in the world is this? Rd. 2 Pt. 3

Photo Credit: “Written Roadie” Bette

Click HERE to take a guess.

If you have a photo you’d like to enter for the next round of “Where in the world is this?” please click HERE for more information on how to contact Ryan.


24 thoughts on “Where in the world is this? Rd. 2 Pt. 3

  1. I am going with Annie on this one…cause I dont think she is a loser 🙂 I know I am suck-up LOL

    If Annie gets it right do I get a point LOL 🙂 I agree its in Georgia cause it looks very georgia like and I think I drove past it when i was in Georgia last year 🙂


  2. A liitle hint…it’s further north than Georgia. 🙂 Ryan gave credit to Larry…should be Bette! I undertsand why though. Ryan…thanks for this fun blog.


  3. I have never been down under…Sweet 🙂

    Is it the Louisville-Nashville Railroad Bridge aka Green River Bridge


    The Railroad Bridge Over The Cumberland, at Nashville, Tennesse


  4. See I knew it looked familiar!! (Louisville is in Jeff. Co.)
    That was a good one Bette 🙂

    I am suddenly reminded of –
    “Keep in mind that the closest exit may be behind you”


  5. Beautiful pic Bette.

    Is there a story that goes with it? All the time I was searching I kept thinking … wonder what compelled her to take this picture…beyond the obvious beauty of it????????

    Hoping it would help give me a clue.



  6. I actually stumbled upon that pic in an article a while back. I thought it was pretty and would be a good one to share on here.


  7. I had to come back and say THANKS to Ryan for posting this picture. Yep, I felt like The Jerk! I so miss Ross, too. I wish he’d keep his butt at home. Betting Wee-Wee will be happy to see him, too! Oh, and Chriann….I’m in Louisville, too! I’ve enjoyed your blog….hoping you are feeling settled in your new place.


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