Vintage Vacation: Circa 1987

We used to travel to the desert during the summer months of my childhood: my dad, mom, brother and I would pack up our house, dogs included, and drive out to Lake Powell or Lake Mead and dirt camp for weeks at a time. 

The beaches became our home, as we set up camp anywhere we could dock the boat. No running water and no electricity; we took showers in the lake and had propane stove top dinners each night. That was how we spent our summer vacations; and I’d have it no other way. 

My dog Rollin and I loved to pretend we were the captains of our own ship, because back then I had no other worries than to create my own fantasies. Together we would sail the mighty oceans of the world and always end up safely back where we began.

I still prefer a camping trip to a five star resort even as I grow older. It’s what I know and who I am.



5 thoughts on “Vintage Vacation: Circa 1987

  1. Ryan, I loved hearing about your vintage vacation. I too used to have lots of imaginary fun fighting pirates in and out of boats, climbing on the rocks and exploring what I thought then were huge caves. You can’t beat childhood memories.

    Perhaps in the next couple of days I can get down to the beach where I grew up and played some seventy years ago and send some photos. Of course it has changed just a bit and there a few more houses now then there was in the 1940’s………..


  2. Thanks for sharing Ryan. If we can only turn back time to the worry-free days of yesteryears…

    When I was in my early 20s our group of 20+ (bfs and their gfs), go at least twice a year on a camping trip to Lake Cachuma and Lake San Antonio. It was always fun sleeping in tents, playing cards, smores, kayaking, tag football, baseball, drinking, and eating all day!

    Cheers to memories!


  3. my family too traveled all over during summer vacation. maybe you should make a nostolgic trip back to lake mead……before it drys up.


  4. I think that what you remember the most is being with your family and it really wouldn’t matter where you were. The memories that you made are priceless and fortunately, nothing can take them away from you.

    To be honest, I have never gone camping. Gasp! But I did hav many family trips were we would go to the beach and have fond memories. Although my family structure is not the same as it was when I was younger, I will always have those awesome memories.


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