Vintage Vacation: More Memories

When I was a kid we would walk about three miles through mostly sand to get to the ferry, then pay five cents for the ride across  the bay to the Balboa Fun Zone. We would ride the Ferris wheel and merry go round and sometimes the bumper cars, but mostly we would play Skee Ball and eat cotton candy. If the tide came in while we were at play we would have to swim part of the way back home. Great times for kids to be out and about all day and no one having to worry about us.

Photo and Story credit: “Written Roadie” Annie

8 thoughts on “Vintage Vacation: More Memories

  1. I love hearing about all of your magical times as a child. The good thing about getting older is that you are making memories right now to look back at one day, and you will think them magical too! I am 51 and it seems that the memories from each decade are special, each in their own way. I think of that each morning when I wake up and try think of how I will remember this day. You never know what each day will bring or what adventure could be right around the corner. Our adventures are close to home right now but thanks to organ donation hopefully they will include some travel again in the future. I keep a journal and have for years. It has been such a treasure. This weeks entries are all about our new baby ragdoll kitten. I am sure that I will look back at this with love one day!!


  2. Hi roadies! I didn’t comment before I left on vacation, but I had all these stories rolling around in my head during our family vacation we just took… really made a difference. It reminded me of what I loved when I was a kid and it had nothing to do with how much money my parents spent on me. We just had a great 10 days with quite a bit spent in the car….mom, dad and 3 boys. I hope my boys look back on their vacations with the same warm fuzzy memories.


  3. Hi Everyone…This Roadie is doing fine. Back home from my vacation and just waiting for the next BIG guessing game. Hope my brain hasn’t gone to mush.

    By the way I was able to see a performance of the Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach while I was out in So. Calif. Has anyone ever seen it?

    I wish picture taking was allowed… it truly is something quite unique.

    We miss you Ryan……


  4. Hey Ryan,

    Where ever you are at. I hope you are having a blast. You seem to be pretty busy. Hopefully many stories are coming about or happening.

    Do not work to hard and enjoy life…Oh and be safe too.

    PS hope to see you soon on here.. 🙂 and no that is not me begging LOL


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