Settling In

The lighting has changed in Los Angeles.

The sun casts lengthy shadows across my front windows. No longer sitting high in the sky directly overhead, the sun’s glory days of Summer are now a distant memory.

Winter is on its way; even with abnormally warmer days, when the temperature drops below 65 degrees, the crisp air signals to my brain it’s time to hibernate. The daylight lasts fewer hours than just one month ago, and we’re forced to adjust our internal clocks to the external environment.

This weekend we turn back our clocks, and so begins the journey into the dark winter months.

I love being at home this time of year. I guess you could say I’m a homebody, and after weeks of being across the country, in a sterile and unfamiliar hotel room, I value every moment I spend in the cozy place I call my own. Nothing like diving under the covers of my warm bed or digging up roots from plants in my garden to make me feel connected to my world.

As I prepare my nest, I search for new projects, I scrub old countertops, I organize bookshelves and closet space, I stock cupboards with food. 

I say goodbye to dog days of summer and retire to my den for a long winter’s nap.


6 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. Welcome back to Cali Ryan. I am sure you missed your home. I travel for work at times and although the idea of living out of a hotel can sound enticing to some, I dislike the feeling of not being home. Miss my bed, pillows and everything that i cherish.

    I wish it was 65 around here. It was 85 here (in the Central Valley) and I am ready for it to be fall.


  2. Welcome Home! 🙂

    I would agree when you are away from home for so long. That when you get home it is good just to lay in all day and just enjoy being at home in your own environment 🙂



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