Ten Months

At the turn of the New Year, I made the decision to change my way of living, challenge the way I was conditioned and redirect how I behave as an adult. “30 days,” I thought. “30 days will be the perfect amount of time to set me straight.”

In the beginning, I counted the days and celebrated every milestone. I studied my calendar and tried to will the days to go by quickly and with more ease. Yet when the 30 days were up, I wasn’t ready for the journey to be over; so I pressed on with no end in sight. I decided it would take me as long as I needed, and I would keep moving forward until I liked who I uncovered underneath it all.

Today marks ten months of traveling down this road. A road I never thought I would be on this long.

Until recently, I fought an internal battle with who I am and who I want to become; and it wasn’t until I took the time to unravel my feelings that I could resolve the issues and become comfortable with the truth.

Hoping and dreaming I would wake up one day and be inspired and motivated creatively, but not doing anything to create change is not a habit of a highly successful individual. Wanting my spiritual practices and my physical fitness to improve and prosper but not maintaining a daily regiment is not the way to awaken one’s soul.

Today I stand before this long road which unwinds before me. I know not where it will take me, but that one day I will arrive at my destination ready, willing and prepared.

I ask, “Who will I become at the end of this journey? Who will I discover when no one else is around?”

I know now the road to success is paved with hard work. Very hard work, and that’s all I know to be true.


7 thoughts on “Ten Months

  1. What an inspirational piece of writing. I say, stay on course and keep celebrating those milestones. Celebrate this ten month milestone even more. You are special and there is no better person to recognise your achievements other than YOU. Keep at it!


  2. Recognizing the fact that change is needed is the most important step, then doing something about it is a milestone. Believe in yourself and embrace the beauty around you, you will do great Ryan. Keep your head up!


  3. Lea — Thanks for the encouragement!

    But can’t the road can be ominous at times? Never knowing what’s coming next or what the environment will be like?

    I thought the picture is appropriate in capturing what it feels like during our journey down the road of life.


  4. First Love the picture. Looks like a picture you took when you were with the Tornado Chasers

    Hey Ryan, Long time for me being here 🙂

    This blog is very inspirational. I have asked my self those same questions much of my life. I too, am on a new journey in life.

    One thing I know and realized some time ago. That you should never go in search for who you are as a person or who you want to be or hope to be. I always told myself I will be that prodigy child, moving away from the family trying to find out who I was. It took many years to be where I am at now in life. So for you, Ryan. Be patient.

    You know that saying where it goes something like “It’s right under your nose.” I think I got it wrong. Well, anyway every day is gonna be something new in your life. There is also a saying “You are, who You, say you are.” Well nothing is just under our noses 🙂 and we really are who we say we are for many reasons. Look at the people around you. They love you for who you are now. You may not see it but its there.

    I was told by someone once that: “When you question life, your own life and where you are at in life. Along with being or hoping to be in life. You are right where you need to be.” Right where God(if you believe) or your spiritual being wants you to be. There is always a greater message out there that you could be missing. So, look for small details. Most answers come in small details. When most people such as myself a while back was always looking at a bigger picture for some type of answer that I need in my life. There are things we will never know but we will eventually.

    What really helped in one of my journeys was writing a lot. I have been there Ryan, so you are not a lone. But also to forewarn you there will be times where you are just stuck or you feel stuck, and you can sense something is out there just calling for you to come and catch with your eyes, your camera, along with your notepad and pen. Wait, and listen to your heart and your gut. 🙂

    Be safe in your new Journey, Ryan.


  5. Well, once again I am perusing through older posts that I somehow missed. I think this came about as I had a bad day feeling bogged down by still more “stuff” in my life that I need to pare down…that usually brings me to your website to seek encouragement about “shedding” things we don’t need.
    I have felt…well…unsure of myself lately and even tho I have to say I am probably older than your parents (just guessing!) our souls know no age and after being “just and only” a parent all these years, I now find myself seeking to know me…who am I? Who do I truly want to be? What do I want to accomplish share and see?
    okay, long story short…thank you….for sharing what a lot of can’t or won’t express.
    See you around..you KNOW I’ll be back! 🙂


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