One Word

I walked into the office and felt no warmth. No sense of personality, no color, no feeling. Everything was black and white. A large, wide-screen MAC was the only item on the oversized desk in front of me.

“Minimalism is never a style I cared for,” I thought to myself. 

I sat down in one of two chairs and came face to face with this complete stranger — a stranger I was attempting to impress — and began my song and dance. The awkward small talk, the forced laughter, the usual chit chat. I was there for an interview, so I had to.

In her office, surrounded by her things, playing on her terms, answering her questions, I struggled to gain my footing, as I attempted to explain my qualifications. I heard myself answering one question, but it didn’t sound like something I would normally say. My tap dance wasn’t finding its rythmn and cadence; I was behind my own beat. 

Before I could come up for a breath, she took the reins and said, “I’m looking for someone who is going to be dogged in their researching skills.”

One week ago, this sentence would not have phased me, as I’m the type of employee who stops at nothing to get the job done. Nine out of ten times, I would have agreed with this statement and moved right along. 

But on this particular occasion, I had to double take the moment and recognize what’s going on in the world around me. 

Earlier in the week, I was listening to a pod cast by Daniel Pink, an author whose philosophy on how right brainers will soon rule the world has brought him national acclaim and attention. His thoughts and words intrigued me and stayed with me since hearing them the first time. 

In one particular passage, Pink used the word “dogged” to describe how we should go about pursuing what we love, how we love it, and how we make it purposeful in our own lives. For whatever reason, the use of the word “dogged” stayed with me. I thought it to be an interesting word, and one that sounded funny when repeated out loud. 

So it was much to my surprise I would hear the word used a second time to describe one’s nature, especially in a place and time to which I felt no connection or attraction. 

Themes and messages arrive in all shapes and sizes, this I know. As often as I can, I try to sit up and take notice, even when they come in the form of funny little words.

I don’t know if I will work for this particular company. But, I do know, I have plenty of inspiration to put my “dogged” skills to use.


5 thoughts on “One Word

  1. ~Well well well,
    this is Good News for me!
    I’m Right Brained!

    I’m glad you notice
    when the Universe
    is Talking,

    Most Don’t.

    Synchronicity=Meaningful Coincidence


  2. Angie — No, I didn’t get the job. I knew it wasn’t meant to be from the moment I walked into that office.

    I’ll be just fine.


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