Giving Thanks

The first sign of the impending holiday season is served at Starbucks the day after Halloween. On this day, the baristas begin dishing out red Christmas themed cups, and the countdown begins. From this day forward, we are reminded, it is on its way. Shop till you drop! Eat till you’re full! Consume, consume, consume!

Four weeks until Christmas morning, and five until the end of the year, I am ready for time away from my normal life and routine. I’m ready for some rest and relaxation, ready to kick up my feet and eat.

I usually become reflective this time of year; the cold weather and long hours of darkness cause me think about what I’ve accomplished and where I want to go in the coming year. But it’s also time to reap the rewards of my hard labor and enjoy what I’ve created for myself.

This year my family decided to pack up our Thanksgiving celebration and relocate for the long holiday. We will retreat to the mountains, rather than spend it at my mother’s home, and hibernate for a few days. Away from the hustle and bustle, surrounded by the people and animals who matter most, my family will come together and reminisce about years gone by. People laughing and sharing favorite memories over food, drink and warm fires.

In today’s world, with the economic stress, international uprisings, and transitioning powers at be, I will make an extra effort to pause to reflect on those things for which I am most thankful. And I hope you do to; the world needs more love from me and you.


3 thoughts on “Giving Thanks

  1. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. We here in St. Louis had our first snowfall yesterday. Only an inch and a half and it didn’t last long but it was so beautiful. I love the clean look of new fallen snow and the blanket of peace and quiet that comes with it. Love to all you roadies out there.


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