Rainy Days


The rain continues to fall onto the dry, Los Angeles streets, causing drivers, pedestrians and tourists to duck for cover. (Rain in LA? No way, Jose!) Sometimes pitter-patter, sometimes thunderous roar, this recent atmospheric noise helps me sleep at night and puts my soul at ease. I find I wake more rested than nights when it’s silent in the city.

 A wet February, we are having. A wet February, we need, indeed.

Yet we, the people of this great state, find the weather an inconvenience, even though we know the facts and statistics about how our local lands desperately need the rain. Now a break in the storm gives us time to regroup before a second prong will batter the coast later this evening.

Soon, the clouds over Southern California will burst with moisture, drenching the drought ridden earth, soaking the plants and washing the city’s pavements free of its dirty sins.

Let it fall, I say, because I’m staying inside with nowhere to go.


14 thoughts on “Rainy Days

  1. Oh, How I love rain? It puts me to sleep. I love staying inside listening to it. I love it when it thunders, and when there is a huge loud clap of lightening, and thunder mixed in together.

    Enjoy the weather for it is warm there, and only 40 degrees here. There is possible snow tonight but only an inch. I do not like snow but would rather have my Tornado weather, and summer heat. 🙂

    Love the picture, I have one similar, for when I would go outside in my car and snap away at the rain.

    Welcome Back, again. 🙂



  2. I love the rain, it is soothing and cleansing, bringing with it new earthy smells. The rain storms you have been having, have turned to snow storms by the time they reach me and I spent this afternoon driving in the hail telling Mother Nature that she had some explaining to do! You reminded me to be grateful for the moisture as we so seriously need it. Enjoy the rain 🙂


  3. WB to to the online blogging world, Ryan! We just had one of the rainiest long weekends in the Bay Area EVAH, and I loved your metaphor of “the second prong”! It seemed just like that up here too!


  4. Hey Ryan, Seems like one foot is becoming more firmly planted these days.. good to see! Do what you can in the busy times and absorb the little moments of quiet that sneak in too.. even the rainy ones! Perspective is everything ;o)


  5. I LOVE rain Ryan!! I sleep so good when it’s raining!

    Glad to see you posting again. My brothers are moving to California NEXT WEEKEND, the 28th of Feb.

    They are moving there to pursue their music career. I am SO excited for them, although I will miss them!

    What are some things that they SHOULD NOT miss? lol


  6. Hey Ryan,
    I am a Ross fan. I found you through his site. I am glad that you are back writing. I am currently taking a writing course and I enjoy how well you write. You inspire me!!


  7. Hello, Chriann!

    Ryan: You got the second prong last weekend in LA, but we’re getting “pinged” with another huge prong here in Northern CA today.

    They keep saying these storms aren’t drought busters, but maybe with a few more…


  8. I wonder when the rains will end and the March winds will blow in a new pic and story?????

    I’m loving the new stuff with Ross but miss your museings, Ryan.


  9. Whabbear—— “pinged” with another huge prong. You are so queer dear, tell your lovely husband I send my best xoxo

    Nice work here Ryan and on your new venture also xoxo:)J


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