Missing Moria

The runt of her litter, Moira was born a fighter. So small she was, escaping from an opening in our backyard fence several days after we brought her home.

Thirteen years young, Moria died early from stomach cancer in 2004. In my heart she remains.

Today I wonder, “Do all dogs go to Heaven?”


5 thoughts on “Missing Moria

  1. Sad time for doggie passings. My friend had to put down her dog (105 years old) this weekend. I posted the following on my blog


    as a tribute to their Sheppy. It is Jimmy Stewart’s poem about his dog Beau. I remember when he read it on Johnny Carson show. It’s as powerful today as it was when he read it.

    Yes, doggie heaven just got a little richer.

    To you with love, Ryan.


  2. Whabbear,

    In my mind everything is a part of and goes to heaven so even a Jackal like you will make it through “even a gay jackal like you” and if you would take me to Palm Springs with you and Mr Whabbear would increace your chances even more!!! xoxoxo:)J


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