NYC State of Mind

We had merely 36 hours on the ground, arriving early Wednesday morning and departing late Thursday morning. A whirlwind trip to the greatest city in the world. Unfortunately we never left the parameters of our hotel. No chance to walk the streets to feel the pulse of the city, no chance to shop and indulge in the best labels of fashion, no opportunity to sip lattes or eat crab cakes.

We landed, we checked in, we performed, we slept, we exited.

Now a few days later, I find myself sifting through memories from my first celebrity dinner party. I recall funny gal Kathy Griffin twirling around the 35 million dollar mansion and making jokes about pasta and Hollywood. Soon after famed chef Rocco Dispirto spoke to me about a mutual project on which we both worked.

At one point, I glanced across the room to see talk show host Rachel Ray whisking in and whisking out while filling the room with her signature laugh (and ass!). Near the end of the night, model Tyson Beckford made jokes about what’s in his DVR, while NYC Housewife Jill Zarin confessed to feeling like the outsider who was mistakenly let into the inside.

Though not an actual guest, I can say I managed to rub elbows (while holding a camera, no less) with some charismatic A-listers. The moments string together like a foggy, surreal movie, (Was I really there?) a movie I’ll never let slip from my mind. Even still it was such a strange, surreal reality: one that can’t seem normal to anyone there.


8 thoughts on “NYC State of Mind

  1. are you leaving some names out? because those are not a-listers – with the exception of maybe kathy griffin. tom cruise, oprah, and britney are a-listers. tyson beckford and rachel ray are certainly not.

    not trying to take away from your experience, but wanted to clarify.

    have a great weekend.


  2. HHH – Thanks for the clarification. I’ll be sure to send my entries to you for copy edits before I publish them.


  3. Hi Ryan!

    That sounds like such a surreal experience. Standing next to people you have seen on tv and maybe even admired for a long time. Isn’t that what makes life so great, you’ll never know what situations you’ll find yourself in or who you’re going to meet when you walk around the corner. Keep expecting the unexpected!

    I really enjoy reading your stories and I think you are a great writer. So keep up the good work! πŸ™‚

    // C.


  4. What a neat experience. I alway wonder how I would react to meeting someone who is famous or who I admire. Would I stutter? Would I clam up or become a chatty cathy?

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. =)


  5. who makes up the list anyway? perhaps its just a figment of Hollywood hallucination. I’m sure “A” list to me would be very different from the Hollywood “A” list.
    to try and put it all into perspective is exactly as Ryan described, it’s not “normal” to anyone involved so don’t even try to make sense of it.

    …not that I would know πŸ˜‰


  6. Ryan,
    I am a first time visitor of your blog and I must tell you I really enjoyed reading it. Thanks for writing your memories here for us to read.


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