Time Flies

Walking down the aisle, I get lost in a sea of faces. Maybe the exhaustion is setting in because it’s become quite a challenge to locate my seat. Normally such a remedial task has now become an exercise in mental fortitude.

Finally I spot an open window, next to a homely female, which I know is mine. I squeeze in and settle. Pillow and blanket in hand, I shut the window shade and prepare for the six-hour journey. I open my journal and begin to write.

Coach section. Seat, 39 J. Jam packed flight. Two children behind me. They are restless. Kicking my seat already and we haven’t even left the runway. I wonder if I’ll have to turn around and tell them to “knock it off”. Such a parental term that is. I remember my mother telling me to “knock it off!” when I would bother my older brother on long car rides. I rarely use the term, but now it seems perfectly appropriate with these two brats behind me.

I often wonder how fellow passengers would react if I took that type of tone and caused a scene mid-flight. Like one of those episodes of “What would you do?”, I’m sure an airline stewardess or a female passenger would intervene. Ha! Oh how I can daydream.

Actually I never say much on airplanes. I get in, get out and move on. I stay quiet, don’t leave my seat, and leave my headphones on the whole flight. I stay in my bubble and ask that you respect it.

Even with the tight surroundings, I relish in the free time to unwind and decompress from this second whirl wind adventure to the Big Apple.

Two trips in less than two weeks time. The second being Sunday through Thursday with each day loaded with shoots, scripts, segments and opportunities. A trip loaded with celebrity sightings and encounters (Beyonce, Joy Behar, Elizabeth Hasslebeck and Howard Stern). Experiences I will take with me long into my professional career.

Early mornings, late nights, I struggled with catching up on sleep. I fought the jet-lag and found myself staying up later and later even with blurry, burning eyes.

This trip I experienced a different NYC. One seen from private cars, hotel lobbies, Upper East side residences and high rise offices. It was a New york, I found to be stuffy. And not for me.

No personal time to indulge, no free moment to get lost. Always a schedule, always a time line, always someone in my face telling me where to go. Now I rest and prepare for my life in California, the life I know and love.


10 thoughts on “Time Flies

  1. I can relate to your story on many levels, but if I were to see you on a flight to anywhere, I would smile and say, “Hi, Ryan, its me, Artichoke Annie.” Then I would take my seat and stay out of your face.

    Rest up and enjoy the peace of being home.

    Always with love.


  2. I have been reading about your adventures with Ross and I too would be exhausted. But it seems your career is thriving and that is definitely a great thing.

    Headphones are the best invention in the world. People will actually leave you alone and let you be. When I went to Chicago, I walked around the Museum of Modern Art for about 4 hours. I listened to Coldplay and no one bothered me. It was great.


  3. …next to the homely female, which I know is mine.

    Ryan thanks for the laugh. Best I can hope for is a handsome man in the seat behind me.

    Coach??? Ross was up in First Class with VIP’s. I think you need to rewrite your contract. Must say that I have really been enjoying The Dish, you have really done some excellent work. xoxox:)J




  5. LOL! Ryan, I had the same reaction as SFJ: How dare you have to endure coach, when Ross is livin’ la high life in First!

    OK, if he used frequent flyer miles, which you didn’t have, all is forgiven!


  6. Awwww, Ryan

    i know!
    calif. is the best…..
    ( carlsbad)
    i’m from there~

    happy ur home safe n sound

    and you do a great job with ross and the insider

    peace out

    xxxx 🙂


  7. Hi Ryan,

    You have a new fan. It is nice to get your perspective through your eyes and words. My very first time here. 🙂



  8. um I was the homely woman next to you…

    I’m like you when traveling, in my quiet polite bubble.
    ‘tho I must say I sat next to a surprisingly charming 9 year old for 4 hours on one flight and then a chatty lady who turned out to have interesting stories AND had brought good snacks that for some reason I was completely comfortable eating.
    But I had to shut down the young back packer almost @ his first question of
    are you a student? (I was close to 30)
    I just wanted my British Airways endless
    Icecream service and cozy socks and silence.


  9. I fly A LOT. I usually end up in the seat next to the crackberry business man that shares his phone conversation with the entire plane before and after the flight. As soon as the flight lands he is powering up! I find them just as obnoxious and ansty as small children.

    “HEY SMITH!! ITS ME I JUST LANDED YEAH BE THERE IN ABOUT 20 YEAH..” blah blah blah they scream into their phones.

    I am tempted to one time beat them to the punch, whip out my phone as they begin their conversation after the plane lands and scream “HEY SMITH! ITS ME – YEAH -SCHEDULE MY PAP SMEAR ASAP. GET ME A FEMALE THIS TIME YEAH THOSE MALE DOCS LINGER AROUND TOO MUCH. LATER”

    …I miss phone booths


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