Church and State

Earlier today, as I made my way west towards Galway, I stepped inside some local churches and quietly observed the local god-fearing folk. Some audibly whispered their prayers, while others sat quietly among the benches and knelt before the altars.

A nation united (and divided) by religion, churches stand proudly in every city, town and village, like this massive structure in Kilkenny.


Before I jumped in my car and made my way back to the highway, I noticed the sun poking out from behind the clouds.

As if it was speaking to those below, I thought, “Maybe someone’s prayers were answered.”


13 thoughts on “Church and State

  1. Beautiful photo, Ryan. When you write your book I hope you include some photos as well. And don’t wait too long to do it, so I can buy a copy…….I’m a little long in the tooth.

    Continued safe journey.


  2. To see the land of my forefathers through your eyes is wonderful Ryan. The picture of the Church and hearing about the faith of worship is pretty special. Enjoy the rest of your time there. Your pictures and words gave me a warm spot in my heart. My grandfather always talked about his homeland. You are capturing what I heard about when I was a little girl. Thank you….


  3. What a beautiful picture and thoughts. My family is originally from Galway and I hope to someday visit there. I really enjoyed reading your Ireland adventures, sounds like you had a lovely trip.


  4. That is just an incredible photo! And I find it so interesting that Europe, with its incredible legacy of religious-inspired architecture, history, and everyday activity, is slowly, quietly but inexorably losing its religious focus.


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