Guns + Change

In this time of unbearable suffering around our nation, I thought I would pass along some important information I discovered this week in an effort to shake off feeling so helpless. With an election coming up in November, it’s a crucial time to exercise your right to vote for the issues, and beyond that, as a member of your community, you should know where your individual state stands with gun control laws and how those can be improved. If you’re not happy with how things stand, you can even get involved and make a difference. I double pinky promise!

So without further ado, let’s start here: The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence put out this great resource (and great visual!) to see how each state is different as it pertains to gun laws. It even ranks each state by a letter grade, which obvi appeals to the straight A academic in me. See for yourself how many Fs there are! Yikes! I actually sourced this site from this great article which is also fun and visual. Well, as fun as gun control articles can be. Whomp, whomp.

California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom even had this to say when he stopped by the show I work on last week. Shameless plug, but also I’m obsessed with him. His hair is kinda freaky at the moment but DAMN he looks good. AMIRITE. Ironically this conversation happened before this past wknd. Ugh.

Now, how can we help make a change?

  1. Know who your local congressman is and where they stand on the issues.

We all have a locally assigned congress person to our district which is determined by where we live. You can find out who that is by going here. (Shout out to mine, what up Adam Schiff!)  Anyway, most of these Congresspersons’ websites show where they stand on all the issues, not just gun control. It’s important to know how they vote too, as they’re supposed to be representing us! ME AND YOU BABY!

2. Get involved!

Now that you identified who your Congy person is for real life, you can reach out in a couple of ways.

Call up the office and ask them their stance on the issues. Simple chit chat. I’m sure whoever answers the phone will be glad to provide you with that information if you can’t find it on the web site. But also, just hold them accountable by making a phone call. We all sit in traffic! So do it on your way to work!

If that isn’t enough, you can request an IN PERSON sit down meeting. I just learned about this this week, and I’m obsessed. Talk about being a working girlYAS KWEEN. No but seriously, how amazing would it feel to sit face to face with your government official and have your day in court! Lay it out on the line and serve up some serious resting bitch face when you’re not happy with the response. That is your role as a person living in the community. Do it!

I digress.

So since I don’t know all your representatives, you can see on Adam’s web site where you select how to set up a meeting. Then, in the scroll down menu, you can see “SELECT A MEETING” which takes you to this fun page! Once you’re there, you can do anything!

I don’t want to get all preachy but I really believe that making the change happens by being proactive and getting out there and having conversations with the people WE ELECT. DON’T BE DISENFRANCHISED! Posting things on Social Media and getting in fights with crazy, close minded bigots (totally guilty of this, btw) isn’t doing anything. Seriously. SO GET GOING and change our world.

We all know or have sons, daughters, animals, nieces, nephews, godchildren, etc., who are going to inherit this world from us. MAKE THEM PROUD.

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