3 ways to get more from tonight’s Wolf Moon

Tonight we’ll see our first full moon of 2017. And it couldn’t come at a better moment, amirite?

The holidays are over, the horrifying election results are sorta becoming a dream-like memory (ok, maybe not), and now it’s time to make room for something fresh and new. By now, we all have set our resolutions and intentions, so let’s keep those in focus as we push into January and beyond.

Nicknamed the Wolf Moon by Native Americans, tonight’s show stopper was given this moniker because wolves howled in hunger outside of villages during this first cycle of the year. Dang, can we meditate on that visual for a quick sec? Personally I love a good wolf moment. Legit Call of the Wild, Jack London, savage beasts tearing shit apart for what they need to survive. Also: how about those piercing blue eyes and plush fur. Gorge. Ok, moving on. Check your local time zones for when this grand daddy melon reaches its peak in your ‘hood, but no matter when that is, she’s gonna be gorgeous.

This moon falls into the sign of Cancer (shout out to all my water babies!) which means we could see a heightened sense of emotions and intuition in the next few days (maybe you’ve already felt it?). For those who don’t know, cancers are always emotional and intuitive during (and around) full moons, and now everyone else gets to feel what they feel. Buckle up and get ready to cry, weep and get super sensy! Cancers will love that you can be empathetic to how they feel the rest of the year. (Also I’m a cancer rising, so I can relate, ugh.)

Over the past year, I began to study and track moon cycles and I fell in love with the idea of creating new things and letting go of old things based on this cycle. The best part is we get to do it every couple of weeks. But totes no presh! Some moons have a powerful effect on me, and some don’t. So take it with a grain of salt and move on if tonight’s big saucer doesn’t make you feel anything. Another will come along that makes you warm and fuzzy and ready.

However if tonight’s moon is giving you all the feels, you are in a good place to LET IT GO. Tonight is an ending of a cycle and it’s time to release something in your life that is no longer serving you. Basically, girl, bye.

Now, let’s move onto ways to get more from this moon cycle. Note: I’m no professional, and most of the time I feel like a total novice, even sometimes a fool, when practicing these things. But who really cares? It’s fun and makes me happy.

  • VISUALIZE: What I love about full moons* are how they remind me that it’s time to make space for something bigger, something more, something different. And when I want to bring that kind of energy into my life, it helps to have specific imagery upon which to focus. So let’s think of those wolves outside the village. What are they hungry for? What are they seeking? Wolf imagery and what it represents in our collective society, and in your personal life journey, seems like a perfect thing to imagine right now in this moment. At the start of this new year. With everything going on in our world. In America. (Lord help us.) So can we all agree to be a pack of hungry wolves and go tear up all the bad juju out in the world?
  • CEREMONY: Let’s face it. Worshiping the moon means being a lil’ witchy. So what better way to channel your inner witch than to create a ritual or some kind of ceremony. This can be done by yourself OR, even better, you can invite over your witchy friends and start your own coven. (Hello, The Craft!) For my ceremony, I like to write down on paper a few things I’m trying to let go of. Whether it’s a nagging feeling, a thought pattern, an abusive relationship, or some kind of obstacle. You get the jest. The act of naming IT, and then thanking IT, helps give IT a proper ceremony before you say goodbye. Now go howl at that moon and burn the piece of paper in the moonlight. Seriously. Burn it up. It’s fun.
  • BUILD AN ALTAR: Over the last year, my collection of full moon jujus has grown to include all kinds of special mementos and touchstones from my journeys around the world. And during my moon ceremonies, I pull out these objects and place them around me or on my mantle. Some I like to look at, others I like to smell, some I want to hold or touch. So take a look around to see what you have? Maybe it’s a special candle, a photo of a loved one or someone/thing inspirational, a tarot deck, a collection of crystals, gems and rocks, a pendulum, essential oils, or maybe some dried flowers. Whatevs you have in the house that helps you create a place to commemorate this moon. Make it yours. And have fun.

Hopefully these tips help you think about something in your life you wanna let go of. I felt compelled to write about this full moon for some bigger reason. Maybe it’s a new beginning for me. Maybe I’m letting go of some doubt that’s taking up too much space in my creative life.

Also if you have any tips, advice or corrections about what I’ve written here, please let me know. I’m no expert in astrology and mystic rituals, and would love to start a dialogue. Happy Wolf Moon!

* Full moons are different from new moons. New moons are when we have no moon in the sky and they are something totes diff, and we can cover them later.

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