Why I March

Let me first acknowledge my privilege.

I am white, male, born in America, and, quite simply, lucky. But, now as I write this, I realize maybe I’m not that lucky at all. Maybe everything I’ve ever received is because of those three things.

But I find it important to recognize these factors, to be self-aware of them, because I want to come into this march with the awareness that it is not mine to claim. We, the white, male, Americans, have claimed enough. So I am here for the support.

In any case, there are things in our world I will never experience because I was born in this country, with this skin color, to this gender. I recognize that as a privilege most people in our world do not have. A privilege they will never see.

To me, it isn’t fair that because of those things – things which are literally out of my control – I have a lifetime of opportunity at my fingertips while millions of others suffer and endure systematic inequities, reproductive attacks, gender and racial discrimination, and inequality in general.

Because of my privilege I feel it’s my duty to stand up for those who have less than me, for those who experience a world that is not filled with hope, potential and freedom, and come Saturday, I will show up to support the Women’s March in Washington D.C. and the many other sister marches happening across the world.

I will march for the under represented and for the people who literally cannot march. For the communities who are still too afraid to leave their safety zones and the children who fear their families may be deported.

I will march for our environment and our great mother Earth.

I will march in solidarity with Planned Parenthood, Sierra Club, the Trevor Project, the ACLU and any other organization that is fighting to protect the rights and safety of every American, not just the selected few.

I will march for the rest of the world, who I know will be watching our actions closely the next few days, and the global citizens who want to know that we Americans didn’t get this wrong, that we – the majority – are still mad and angry and not complacent.

I will march for my nephew, and all the other young people of this world, who will see this moment as a defining time in our country’s history where we, the people, stood up for what we believed in and lead them toward a better, stronger future.

I will march for my mother, and the generations of women and men who came before me, who sowed this path toward civil rights, LBGTQ rights, immigrant rights, income inequality, and so many other important issues by putting their bodies on the line, never giving up and always moving forward.

I will march to show the world that we did not vote for this president, and that we do not support his actions, his tweets, his cabinets picks, and any of his policies.

I will march to stand united with the majority of Americans who did not vote for the president elect and his incoming administration.

I will march because we are, and always will be, STRONGER TOGETHER.


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