About Ryan

DSC_0310Hello + welcome!

I’m Ryan Eugene MacDonald, aka REM. I choose to go by my full birth name because though I’ve never met the other Ryan MacDonalds in this world, I know they’re out there. I googled them.

I began this site in 2008 to exercise my voice as a writer and to give myself a platform for my stories. Over time, it grew into a community of like minded individuals, coming together to share and connect. Some of those people still visit the blog to this today, leaving comments when they feel inspired. I think in our separate communities and individual bubbles, we all go through the same lessons. Sharing those stories helps connect us to one another, so I hope you connect with some of mine.

Mostly I use this blog for my personal writing and rants. To express a feeling, an emotion, an experience. With everything that’s going on in our world at this moment, I feel even more compelled to write it all down and share it with the world.

You can read some of my published clips and the type of reporting I do here. Additionally, I’m a content/ digital/social media/story producer for documentary series, television shows and web series that have aired  on Netflix, NBC, ABC, MTV, E!, Vh1, CNBC, Logo, Bravo, and Discovery Channel.

You can reach me at: ryan.e.macdonald@gmail.com

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