Published Work

From environmental issues and adventure travel to leisure trends and small business owners, my interests in reporting tend to align with my natural curiosities about the world. Some of my favorite places, stories and articles (and their backstories) are below.

This past April I traveled to the Channel Islands National Park to report on a group of scientists, lead by Peter Sharpe, who track and study the bald eagle populations. The story was published by BBC Travel as part of the site’s coverage of the National Parks Centennial Anniversary in June 2016. Read it here: A man who saves eagles by helicopters.

When I visited Sydney, Australia, I wrote this round up for TravelAge West about the most unique places to stay in the city. A treehouse in the Blue Mountains, an old prison that may be haunted or your own private yurt in the zoo? Yes, please.

Fresh out of college from the University of La Verne, I interned for The Advocate, the leading LGBT national publication. Aside from writing daily news briefs and researching projects for editors, I was asked to write pop culture commentary pieces for the magazine’s FOB section, including this bit about Bette Midler and her refusal to support same sex marriage, and this feature about a homoerotic coffee table book featuring WWII studs!

After proving my worth as a writer, I was assigned my first feature article on the Point Foundation, an LGBT organization that supports the future of the community by issuing scholarships to students who have been marginalized by society. The scholars I met while reporting on location were truly inspirational and so was writing about them. Read it here: Million Dollar Scholars. Over at Out magazine, the sister publication of Advocate, I reviewed movies, including the film Head in the Clouds, starring Charlize Theron and Penelope Cruz.

Feel free to contact me at Happy trails!

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